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Improve Business Sales with Daily Deals Magento Extension

Improve Business Sales with Daily Deals Magento Extension

Magento provides fast solutions with product groupings, layered navigation, multiple product categories and control over functionality. As well, it helps online merchant to increase their business sales & growth. Now question is that, how can you attract the customers toward your E-Commerce store. Let’s talk about its solution.

Today, Magento is most popular among the e-Commerce open sources because it is regularly launching/updating new Magento version & Magento extension.

Magento Daily Deal is a magento extension that helps shop owners to get higher revenues by launching discount campaigns for every 24 hours. The plugin is easy to use. It is necessary to set a discount amount and enable 24h to deal attribute. Next, cron job launches the plugin to select a random product every 24 hours. As a result, on frontend a sidebar with discount offer is displayed at no customer will miss it. When the time is over the value is reset and a new campaign is started. Try Daily Deals and see the proof of its efficiency.

Magento Daily Deal extension helps you create and manage deals for your site in the most professional way! You can create deal for one or multiple products and set the promotion time to be daily, weekly, or for how long as you wish. Deals can be shown in many places such as: daily deal page, product page. As this Daily Deal extension allows displaying new deals in your site frequently, your customers can’t help but check out your site everyday!

For customers:

Able to view deals on daily deal magento page, product page.

Easily place orders for dealt items with discounted prices in a certain time period.

For admin:

Magento Daily Deal extension allows store owner to create and manage deals.

Able to generate random deals by using Deal Generator.

Able to set start time and close time for each deal.

Automatically change deal status when deal is expired. Others:

Easy to install and configure

Magento Daily Deal Extension your best deals

is Open source 100%.

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